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The firm mainly deals in domestic and overseas civil, economic (commercial) and criminal fields, and especially focuses on overseas economic (commercial) business. Some attorneys were, in the first batch, granted qualifications to be engaged in domestic and overseas security business by the former state Justice Department and China Securities Regulatory Commission.

The firm’s domestic business spread over the whole country, and established steady cooperation relations with lots of law firms in China; overseas business covered USA, Canada, Japan, German, French, UK, Spain, Australia, Taiwan, Hongkong and other countries and regions, maintained business relations and personnel exchanges with many law firms in USA, Japan, UK, Canada etc.

The firm sets a high value on completely mastering and better understanding Chinese law and social reality, and focus on application of skill and method for resolving specific problem under Chinese legal circumstances.

As for business, the firm emphasizes the unification of comprehensiveness and speciality. Which keeping the business running comprehensively and extensively, each attorney practices his profession to the best. As the case required, optimizing and organizing professional business department and team, the firm is making efforts to offer excellent and high-efficiency services to our clients.


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